Vladimir Putin may be a war criminal to most in the West, but for ardent Russian ultranationalists, he is a risen Christ fighting a crusade.

The International Criminal Court is flooded with detailed reports of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, along with abundant evidence that the entire special military operation has been instigated and directed by Russian Federation’s president, Vladimir Putin, reports Europe’s Edge.

The “newspaper of the Russian state” Zavtra (Tomorrow), anticipating Russian Easter, pictured the special military operation in Ukraine as a Holy war and depicted Putin carrying the cross of the “Russian Cathedral” to the top of Golgotha. Editor Aleksandr Prokhanov splashed the headline “He is truly risen!” and a picture of Christ across the front page, accompanied by heavy artillery, a tank, and some smoking buildings.

Prokhanov denounced Gorbachev’s late 1980s perestroika (restructuring) campaign for nailing Russia to the cross and compared Boris Yeltsin’s 1990s Russia with putting Christ into his grave. By implication then, Putin’s emergence is a resurrection.

Prokhanov stated that Russia is not a helpless victim of foreign doctors. He boasted that no one can kill the land of Baikal and the Volga, the venerable church leader Sergei, academician [“biosphere”] Vernadsky, Stalin, and the BAM (Baikal-Amur Railway) deemed unviable in the 1990s but the subject of renewed interest in recent years.

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