Putin’s invasion has catapulted Patrick Lancaster, who calls himself an independent journalist, into the limelight.

On the Kremlin’s flagship media channel, Russia-1, came a very different, ghoulish story: from Russian-occupied Ukraine, an “exclusive” report alleging Ukrainian militants brutally raped and murdered a Ukrainian woman and disfigured her corpse.

In the footage, a correspondent follows a pro-Russian separatist soldier into a school basement in Mariupol to view the corpse of a dead woman. The body’s hands appear bound, and a plastic bag is over its head. The body is partially covered by what’s described as a Ukrainian military uniform; a swastika appears either burned or carved into the corpse’s exposed skin.

The video contained no evidence to identify the culprit of the heinous crimes, and Ukrainian officials have said they were committed by Russian forces, noting evidence of similar atrocities had surfaced in other Russian-held areas. For Russia-1′s story, that was irrelevant: To them, this was a Ukrainian atrocity and underscored Putin’s claimed mission to “denazify” Ukraine.

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