The reason Faassen is in Moscow is the woman who is widely believed to be -- or to have been -- his wife: Maria Vorontsova, the elder daughter of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

One morning on the first weekend of March, the residents of the Amsterdam suburb of Duivendrecht were surprised to see the Ukrainian flag hung on a fence on a grassy plot of undeveloped land. On a nearby mailbox, a sticker read “AveMariaPutin,” along with a printed sign in English, RFE/RL reports.

Less than 2,000 kilometers from your peaceful area there is a free country that your father is destroying. It is impossible to reach him, even an executioner cannot stop him, but parents and children are a different story. Please listen to your heart to reach out to his heart and stop this senseless suffering. We beg you, Maria Putina.”

The owner of the plot of land was a 42-year-old Dutch citizen — a construction engineer named Jorrit Faassen, who told a Dutch investigative website on March 12 that he hasn’t been to his homeland in 16 years and was living happily in Moscow.

“At one point I wanted to return to the Netherlands, but my life in Moscow suits me completely,” he was quoted as telling the site, Follow The Money.

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