Images and video, which have not been independently confirmed, show plume of black smoke rising from heavily-damaged vessel

New photos and a video of the damaged Russian cruiser Moskva show that it was probably struck by anti-ship missiles and then abandoned before the ship sank in the Black Sea, the Guardian reports.

In the images, which analysts have said appear to be genuine, a plume of black smoke is seen rising from the heavily damaged Moskva, which was reported to have been hit by a Ukrainian missile strike last week.

The images show that the ship’s lifeboats have been deployed and there are no sailors visible on deck, suggesting the ship may have been abandoned. In the images, the Moskva is listing to port as two fire-hoses shoot streams of water into the air.

A three-second video filmed from a nearby ship appears to show a rescue tug approaching the burning Moskva. The short recording ends abruptly as a man nearby yells: “What the fuck are you doing?”

Several military analysts consulted by the Guardian said the images looked consistent with the Moskva. The source of the photos and the video is unknown and it was first brought to public attention by Osint researchers following the Russian war in Ukraine.

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