Russia has acknowledged the ship has sunk but will not say it was hit by a Ukrainian missile

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What is the Neptune system? The subsonic Neptune is based on the old Soviet Kh-35 anti-ship missile with improved range and electronics, and has a range of almost 200 miles. First coming into service in Ukraine last year, the whole system comprises a truck-based mobile launcher, four missiles, a reload vehicle, and a command and control vehicle. It is designed to fly close to the surface of the sea to avoid detection.

If it was a missile, why didn’t Russia detect it? The Neptune system is designed to be deployed from coastal areas, which in this case would mean it was being operated close to an area of intense Russian military activity. If the damage was caused by a Neptune missile, the Russians appear not to have been aware of it until too late.

During the Falklands war in 1982, the British lost six ships, underlining to navies around the world the vulnerability of ships to missile attack. Slava class ships like the Moskva were designed to be equipped with with S-300F Fort long-range air defence system, a naval version of the S300, which has some utility against ballistic missiles.

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