Biden’s journey close to the border comes after Zelesnkiy shared his appearance at the European Council where he thanked members for putting sanctions on Russia but said it came “a little late”. The Ukrainian president said if the sanctions had been preventative, there was a chance Russia would not have gone to war. “You blocked Nord Stream 2. We are grateful to you. And rightly so. But it was also a little late. Because if it had been in time, Russia would not have created a gas crisis. At least there was a chance,” he said.

His trip comes hours after Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy told leaders at the European Council they had been “a little late” in imposing sanctions on Russia, suggesting the crisis could have been preventable.

The US president will fly to the eastern Polish town of Rzeszów, bringing him to within 80 km (50 miles) of the country’s border with Ukraine, which has seen a huge influx of refugees since Russia invaded a month ago.

The crisis has left public services in Poland, which was home to the biggest Ukrainian refugee population in the region before the war – struggling to cope.

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