— Speaking at a meeting with members of his Security Council, Putin accused Ukrainian nationalist groups of preventing civilians from leaving and using them as human shields. The claim couldn’t be independently verified.

Associated Press journalists around Ukraine and beyond are documenting military activity during Russia’s invasion. With disinformation rife and social media amplifying military claims and counterclaims, determining exactly what is happening can be difficult. Here’s a look at what could be confirmed Thursday as Russia’s war on Ukraine was in its eighth day.


— Zainish Hussain, a Pakistani citizen who moved to Kherson after marrying a Ukrainian woman, told the AP by video from his home about the Russian takeover of the city, which he said was the “scariest day of his life.” He said Russian tanks rolled down his block and soldiers fired into the air to get civilians to clear the street, which he showed was now empty.

— AP reporters surveyed destruction in the village of Gorenka, which lies on the outskirts of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, and has found itself in the crossfire. Residents said a Russian plane bombed the village early Wednesday, destroying several homes.

— AP reporters in Kyiv heard at least one overnight explosion before videos started circulating online of apparent strikes on the city, though targets were not immediately clear. Kyiv’s mayor said the explosions were missiles being shot down by Ukraine’s air defense systems.

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