Mechanic on Lady Anastasia, owned by Russian arms exporter, sought revenge for attacks on Kyiv

The unnamed man, who has been employed for the past 10 years as a mechanic on the Lady Anastasia, Mikheev’s 48-metre, £5m yacht, said he felt he had to do something after seeing footage of a Russian rocket attack on a block of flats in Kyiv, his home town. The defendant told the judge that he believed the rocket had been manufactured by Mikheev’s company.

Once on board the vessel he told the crew members, most of whom are also Ukrainians, to abandon ship. He allegedly then went to the engine room and opened a large valve in an attempt to sink the yacht. The crew members, aided by port staff, intervened to prevent the sinking.

“The owner of this yacht is a criminal who makes his living selling arms that are now being used to kill Ukrainians,” he told police when he was arrested. He was released several hours later, pending charges.

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