Investigators say the two were at the head of a group that issued false invoices worth 500 million Euros

They faced questioning before the investigating magistrates. Giuliano Rossini and Silvia Fornari, the couple from Gussago in Franciacorta who had buried cash worth 8 million euros in the garden. Husband and wife, defended by lawyer Lorenzo Cinquepalmi “made spontaneous statements, admitting the substance of the charges of the Prosecutor’s Office,” Said their defense counsel. “On the individual incidents charged, however, they reserved the right to elaborate on a subsequent interrogation before the prosecutor.”

In the couple’s garden in Gussago in Franciacorta, Guardia di Finanza and carabinieri found more than 8 million euros in cash, hidden in several wells. The couple, for investigators, were at the head of a group that issued false invoices for more than 500 million euros and evaded tax for another 90 million. The two went AWOL for a couple of days before turning themselves in. The husband is in jail in Cremona and the wife in Brescia. Investigations are still ongoing to figure out exactly who the money belongs to. Also arrested are the couple’s 22-year-old son and maternal aunt, who are under house arrest.

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