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Samarate massacre, only survivor soon released from hospital

Nicholas Maja returns home over the weekend, the young man will stay with his maternal grandparents. Last May 4, his father hammered to death his mother and 16-year-old sister

He survived the murderous rampage of his father, Alessandro Maja, who hammered his wife and 16-year-old daughter to death on May 4, and now Nicolò, 23, will soon be released from the hospital. This was confirmed to LaPresse by his lawyer, attorney Stefano Bettinelli. “He will be definitively discharged in these days, now he is going home over the weekend,” the lawyer explained. The young man will stay with his maternal grandparents while he continues his recovery: at the moment, in fact, Nicolò still has difficulty walking but, the lawyer assures, he would not have cognitive problems.

“I found him well,” the lawyer added. “I had to tell him what will have to happen now from a procedural point of view. He never commented: I know he asked his grandparents where dad was detained but then he said nothing more about that night. For sure,” he concluded, “he will carry the marks, inside and out.

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