The 67-year-old woman's tormentors were allegedly her brother and sister-in-law. For prosecutors, a "daily horror"

A 67-year-old widowed woman was freed by Carabinieri from the Bojano (Campobasso) company in a small town in the province. For more than 22 years she lived in her brother’s house, segregated in a room with no heating and harassed daily.
The investigation was triggered by a report and shed light on an episode that prosecutors describe as one of “daily horror.” For years the woman, widowed and alone, was deprived of medical care and kept sequestered in a small room, sometimes with the help of ropes. She is now in a secure facility.

The 67-year-old’s tormentors would be her brother and sister-in-law, who were reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office but were not reached by any precautionary measure of deprivation of liberty at the time due to the lack of danger of reiteration. The victim, who was freed Friday evening and taken to the local Carabinieri station, was heard by a consultant appointed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Campobasso, which is following the investigation about the criminal conduct to which the spouses will have to answer for, and reported 20-plus years of psychological and physical deprivation and harassment, recounting that she had suffered beatings, slaps, threats and total deprivation of personal freedom, liberty and autonomy.

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