The investigation began last March after a complaint by the school principal and the child's parents

A secondary school teacher in the province of Benevento has been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault against one of her 12-year-old students. The investigation began last March after a complaint from the school principal and the boy’s parents. Investigators gathered evidence against the teacher who, abusing her authority, forced the 12-year-old boy to undergo sexual acts. The teacher, according to the reconstruction, taking advantage of the physical proximity in the classroom and the state of awe of her student, had managed to establish with the boy first a relationship of ‘predilection’ in the classroom that soon gave way to messages, videos, audio, sent through Whatsapp.

The woman explicitly demanded that the 12-year-old send her pornographic photos. The 12-year-old, according to reconstruction, was subjected to sexual acts both in the classroom and telematically, even until late at night.

The Court of Benevento granted the prosecutor’s request for the application of the precautionary measure of house arrest with an absolute ban on all forms of communication with minors by any means, including cell phones, the Internet and social networks. For the investigators, the woman is not capable of self-regulating her sexual impulses, and the suspension of her working relationship alone, applied in the disciplinary case, did not appear sufficient to prevent the risk of personal and telematic contact with minors.

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