Unvaccinated pregnant women more likely to experience severe covid symptoms and newborn deaths, study says

“Our findings emphasize the need for continued efforts to increase vaccination uptake in pregnant women. … Vaccine hesitancy in pregnancy thus requires addressing.”

Pregnant women who are unvaccinated against the coronavirus are not only more likely to be hospitalized for covid-19, but also at more risk of seeing their newborns die less than a month after birth, according to a peer-reviewed study in Scotland that was published Thursday, reports the Washington Post.

The study was released in Nature Medicine, a monthly journal. The authors looked at more than 144,000 pregnancy records going back to March 2020, when the first coronavirus case was detected in Scotland.

But the authors focused on data between December 2020 and October last year because that was when vaccine shots and tests were more widely available. During that period, the unvaccinated made up 77 percent of all pregnant women who were infected and more than 90 percent who required hospitalization and critical care.

All the infant deaths examined in the study occurred for mothers who had not been vaccinated at the time of their covid-19 diagnoses, the authors said.

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