The speech that Biden should give on covid-19

We have been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for nearly two years. In 2020, we were forced to adopt mitigation techniques such as masks, social distancing and even lockdowns. When this began, we had no widely available vaccines or treatments. We are in a vastly different place now.

The bad news is that the omicron variant is highly transmissible. And the worst news is that 28 percent of adults are not fully vaccinated. As Fauci noted, 50 million Americans are eligible but not vaccinated. They will continue to get sick and die and spread it to others.

President Biden is expected to give a speech on Tuesday to address the variant. Perhaps it is time for some tough love. Biden might consider a speech like this, writes Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post:

We have multiple vaccines that, with boosters, are highly effective against serious illness or death from covid-19. We know that masks further reduce transmission. We have therapies — including a highly effective pill that will likely be authorized next year — that will improve your chances of recovery if you do contract the virus. Deaths and serious cases from this disease are now almost entirely preventable for the vast number of Americans who are authorized to take the vaccine. That includes children 5 years old and up.

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