Citing omicron, advocates and Democrats press Biden to push faster on efforts to vaccinate the world

Emergence of new variant is ‘cruel reminder that the world does not have the time to wait,’ they say

The Biden administration is facing renewed questions about its global coronavirus strategy, with international infections climbing and the new omicron variant poised to tear across the world, reports the Washington Post.

Advocates are urging the United States to follow through on President Biden’s seven-month-old pledge to ensure that countries waive intellectual property protections on coronavirus vaccines and share them with the developing world — a push they say has stalled in diplomatic meetings in Switzerland.

“I see very slow progress and reluctance” from the United States, said Hu Yuan Qiong, a Geneva-based legal and policy adviser for Doctors Without Borders, who has been monitoring the talks. “We really anticipate they could do more proactively in the negotiations.”

Others are demanding details behind a plan to boost global vaccine manufacturing, complaining that the White House has yet to clarify the proposal’s objectives and strategy since unveiling it last month.

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