Desert snowflakes sue national nuclear bomb research center

A New Mexico judge has denied a request by dozens of scientists and others at Los Alamos National Laboratory who sought to block a vaccine mandate. Workers risk being fired if they don’t comply with the lab’s Friday afternoon deadline, AP reports.

The case comes as New Mexico extends its mask mandate for indoor spaces. While the vaccination rate among adults in New Mexico hovers around 71.5%, the rate among lab employees is much higher. Still, 114 workers sued, saying the mandate violates their constitutional rights and that lab management has created a hostile work environment.

Los Alamos was a key location in the development of the atomic bombs that were exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, at the end of World War Two, leaving as many as 225,000 people dead.

Attorneys for the lab argued that being vaccinated is a condition of working there.

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