A higher vaccination coverage represents the main tool to prevent the increase of circulation of Covid19

In the period between 18 and 31 August, the average Rt is equal to 0.92, therefore a decrease compared to the previous week. This is what we read in the weekly monitoring of the ISS. The weekly incidence at the national level is also decreasing: 64 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 74 per 100,000 inhabitants). 

According to the latest data collected, there are three regions that are classified at moderate risk: they are Lombardy, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the province of Bolzano, while the remaining 18 are still at low risk. As for hospitalizations, the employment rate in intensive care is still slightly increasing to 6.2%, with the number of people hospitalized increasing from 544 on 31/08/2021 to 563 registered on 7/09/2021. The employment rate in ordinary departments also increased to 7.4%. The number of hospitalized people is increasing from 4,252 to 4,307.

The circulation of the delta variant is prevalent in Italy. This variant is dominant in the European Union and associated with an increase in the number of new cases of infection even in countries with high vaccination coverage. A higher vaccination coverage and the completion of vaccination cycles represent the main tools to prevent further recurrences of episodes of increased circulation of the virus sustained by emerging variants with greater transmissibility.

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