German vaccine maker says it is already preparing production of Covid-19 defense for children aged 5 to 12

As early as mid-October, the first children under the age of 12 in Germany could be vaccinated with the vaccine from BioNTech, German news magazine Der Spiegel reports.

“In the coming weeks we will present the results of our study on the five to eleven year olds worldwide to the authorities and apply for approval of the vaccine for this age group, including here in Europe,” BioNTech chief physician Özlem Türeci told Der Spiegel. “We’re already preparing for production. The vaccine is the same, but the dose is smaller. ”

The study results are available and only need to be processed for the approval authorities. “It looks good, everything is going according to plan,” BioNTech boss Uğur Şahin told Der Spiegel. By the end of the year, results from a study of children aged six months and over is also expected.


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