Covid-19 vaccine distribution has increased of 5 million doses per month

King Mohammed VI presided, on Monday 5 July at the Royal Palace of Fez, the signing ceremony and the launch of the agreements relating to the project for the production and distribution in Morocco of the anti-Covid19 vaccine and other vaccines. This project is part of the king’s will to equip the Kingdom with industrial and biotechnological capabilities to complete and integrate, to dedicate to the production of vaccines directly in Morocco. The aim is the production in the country of the anti-Covid vaccine, as well as of other key serums, in order to promote the self-sufficiency of the Kingdom and make Morocco a leading biotechnological platform on the African continent and in the world in the field of the ‘ fill and finish ‘. The result of a public-private partnership, the project should start in the short term with a production capacity of 5 million doses of the anti-Covid19 vaccine per month, and then increase this capacity in the medium term.

With the launch of this large-scale partnership, which follows the August 31, 2020 phone call between King Mohammed VI, and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Morocco “takes another step forward in realizing the ‘real vision’ for an effective and proactive management of the pandemic crisis and its consequences”, the Moroccan authorities say. 

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