The conflict has so far caused 200 deaths

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians enters the second week, with a death toll now exceeding 200 people and international diplomacy failing to stop the violence. The Israeli army has launched a new wave of air strikes on the Gaza Strip, claiming to have destroyed 15 kilometers of tunnels and the homes of nine Hamas commanders, while rocket bursts continued from the enclave under lockdown.

The Palestinian deaths in Gaza rise to 212, including 61 children, the Hamas health ministry said. From the Strip the launch of rockets towards Israel continues, 90 in the last hours. During the night the house of military commanders was hit. US President Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the United States is working with Egypt and other countries to stop hostilities.  

No ceasefire for the Israeli army. The chief spokesman for the Israeli army, Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman, said he will continue to operate against Gaza according to a list of targets for the next 24 hours, the website of the Haaretz newspaper reports. “The IDF (the army, ed) is not talking about a ceasefire. We are focused on the shooting, ”he told Army Radio. 

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