The number are getting higher and the ICUs are at or near full capacity

The Covid pandemic once again records very high numbers in Brazil, c. Over 28 thousand infections in 24 hours: 28,645 more infections than yesterday.

A new coronavirus variant, spawned in the Amazon rainforest, had stormed Brazil and driven its health system to the brink of collapse, most ICUs are at or near capacity, leaving many to suffer on waiting lists. The P.1 variant, which packs a suite of mutations that make it more transmissible and potentially more dangerous, has hit Brazil which reached a total of 332,752 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Infectious disease physician Dr. Rosana Richtman told to ABC News, “It’s very clear that the transmission is much, much higher. The age of the population that our patients are with the disease is, they are younger, they are younger with severe disease.”

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