Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised that Israel will further accelerate its vaccine campaign, reaching the goal of administering 170,000 doses per day.

Netanyahu traveled to Ben Gurion airport to welcome the new batch with hundreds of thousands of doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine landed in Tel Aviv.

“The Minister of Health and I have agreed that starting today we will increase the pace to 170,000 injections per day. This is a world record, ”added the prime minister, quoted by the Israeli media. “Next Sunday another huge load will arrive and we will start vaccinating the next group, the over 50s,”

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein reported that 1,817,000 people have already been immunized in the country, out of a population of 9.29 million inhabitants. Israel now holds the world record for vaccination rates. The health ministry has prioritized risk groups and over 60s. Over 70% of Israelis in this age group have already received the first dose.


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