Moroccan parliamentarians point the finger at the European institution

The Moroccan press points the finger at the European Parliament.

In a long editorial, “” website claims that the two Chambers of Moroccan Parliament, meeting in joint session, have provided “evidence of conspiracies and schemes against the Kingdom” by the European institution.

The article speaks of “falsehood” on the part of Brussels, guilty of using “double standards” in dealing with many issues. The same article then explains how the deputies of the two chambers of the Parliament also underlined “the importance of a true Morocco-EU partnership and the need to continue working jointly to develop it in order to strengthen the relations of mutual trust that bind the two parts”.

While welcoming Morocco’s openness to an institutional confrontation based on partnership and mutual respect on various issues related to human rights and freedoms, security issues, organized crime and the fight against terrorism, the Moroccan parliamentarians “have rejected any interference in Morocco’s internal affairs and attempts to undermine its democratic and human rights choices and to affect its constitutional institutions and the independence of its judiciary”.

Finally, the editorial explains that at the end of this joint session “the Parliament of the Kingdom of Morocco has decided to reconsider its relations with the European Parliament by subjecting them to a global reassessment, with the aim of taking firm and appropriate decisions”.

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